The Phantasm Series

Room in the mirror 2020 – Gouache and pencil on paper 24×32 cm
Arthur and Marilyn [After Richard A.] 2020. Oil and pencil on paper 24×32
Desert Dust (Dubai) 2020 – Oil on canvas
Veneer 2019 (detail) – Oil on canvas 24×30 cm
Romantic Ideas 2019 (detail) – Pencil on paper 29.7×42 cm


Soft dusty pink silk. Layers of thin smooth fabric around her body. She felt so beautiful, so delicate and so very feminine. So incredibly desirable. She entered the grand ball room which was filled with people talking and waiting. As she walked across the tiled floor in her porcelain shoes she looked at people’s faces whilst giving them a seductive, yet innocent smile. It took a few moments before she realised, but when she did she was horrified. It wasn’t desire she found in their eyes. No smiles or admiration. She found absolutely nothing. In just an instant she was a complete nobody. Suddenly she felt a strange sensation in her ankles and she found it hard to walk. Seconds later she fell dead on the floor.

So Beautiful 2019 – Pencil and watercolour on paper
The Myth 2019 (detail) – Pencil on newsprint 29.7×42 cm
Presentation 2019 (detail) – Pencil and watercolour on paper 29.7×42 cm
Filter 2019 – Pencil on paper 21x30cm
High performance car filter 2020 – Acrylic on paper 24×32 cm
World View 2019 – Oil on panel 33.5×40 cm
Simone de Beauvoir 2019 – Oil on panel 30x40cm


Once there was a woman who was so concerned with her looks that she stretched her face with gaffer tape from one ear and behind the head towards the other ear. But she forgot to put her wig on so everybody laughed when she walked down the street.

The Gaze 2019 – Oil on canvas
Arrangements  2017 –  oil on panel
The Drama 2019 – Oil on panel
The Cinderella Effect 2018 – Oil on panel 30×40 cm